Things to do in Punta Mita

Punta de Mita is a very small town that has a lot of charm, the beaches and beautiful sunsets will make you fall in love. At Hotel Meson de Mita we want to make sure that you experience a vacation time full of nice experiences taking advantage of all the available attractions in the area, so please find below a list of activities that we highly recommend.


1. The Marietas’ Islands without a doubt Mandatory visit

Marietas’ Islands are located 10 kilometers (6 miles) away from the coasts of Punta de Mita, in the Riviera Nayarit. It is a small archipelago formed by two islands and two islets declared National Ecological Reserve, home to various birds in danger of extinction such as the blue-footed booby bird, only found on the Sea of Cortez and the Galapagos Islands. The Marietas Islands crystalline waters and the magnificence of its natural reefs, are ideal for practicing activities such as snorkeling and diving in caves and underwater tunnels.

What activities may i do on marietas’ islands?

– Diving or snorkeling in the coral reefs were you may admire many beautiful and colorful underwater landscapes inhabited by Giant Manta Rays, Blue Devil Damsels and many others.
– Practicing Kayak and paddle board.
– Exploring the numerous caves and rock formations of the island. *Frequently, the Mexican Government permits only a few companies to arrange tours for the public to the islands for their preservation.
– To visit and rest in its beautiful and small beaches like the much known Hidden Beach (formerly “The Love Cave”) which picture still circulates in social media, wakening the interest of thousands of visitors around the world.


The Marietas’ Islands have a “conservation and management Program” in which some recommendations meant for its’ visitors are specified, such as:
– No littering.
– No feeding, touching or making any loud noises that may alter the natural behavior of wild life specimens.
– No hunting, capturing, disturbing, removing, extracting or appropriating the wild life or any products or materials from the area.
– No altering or destroying by any means or actions the feeding, nesting, refugee or reproduction sites of the wild species.
– No practicing any extreme sports such as rock climbing.
– No lighting bonfires on the islands.

Available tours to marietas’ islands

Tour #1

Visit the 2 islands – approximate duration 2:30 hours.

– A 26-foot boat (for a maximum of 8 people)

Visited points on the Marietas’ Islands:

– Cueva de la virgen 
– El fuerte 
– La bufa 
– La playa de la máscara 
– La playa de la Nopalera 
– El rostro del León 
– El arco de piedra 
– El puente de piedra (second crater, access by boat)

Along the way: Bobo Duck or Blue Footed Duck Sighting.


– Snorkeling equipment
– Lifejackets
– Drinks (nonalcoholic)
– Boat Captain and certified guide (on rule documentation)

Tour available from Tuesday to Sunday.

Tour #2

Visit the 2 islands including Hidden Beach– approximate duration 3:00 hours.

-A 26-foot boat (for a maximum of 8 people)

Visited points on the Marietas’ Islands:
– Cueva de la virgen 
– El fuerte 
– La bufa 
– La playa de la máscara 
-La playa de la Nopalera 
– El rostro del León 
– El arco de piedra 
– El puente de piedra (second crater, access by boat)


Along the way: Bobo Duck or Blue Footed Duck Sighting.


– Snorkeling equipment
– Lifejackets
– Drinks (nonalcoholic)
– Boat Captain and certified guide (on rule documentation)

Tour that includes Hidden Beach is available from Wednesday to Sunday, maximum visits per day is 116 people (Access regulation by The Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) in conjunction with Bahía Unida A.).

– No kids under 10 years old
– No pregnant woman
– No people with disabilities
– No people older than 65 years old


2. Whale Watching

The visit of hundreds of Humpback Whales every year from December to April fulfilling their immigration cycle from the cold waters of Canada and the North Pole is a magnificent event in the area. The tours are made on boats that are conditioned to respect the gestation period of the species, and their first weeks of birth in which they are very vulnerable. Officially, the license for whale sighting is between December 15th to March 31st every year. The whales choose the Mexican waters especially in the Punta de Mita area, to accomplish their vital cycle of procreation. Once the whale calves are born, they require a benign environment with ideal currents, temperature and salinity conditions, suitable for their adaptation process and survival. After they reach the needed maturity and strength they start their journey towards the cold waters of the north at the beginning of the month of April, with which, they fulfill their cycle and as a consequence, their eternal pilgrimage.


3. Walk around anclote street and its surrondings

A small, quaint, street where you’ll find many restaurant options from small and simple to very sophisticated establishments that offer a great variety of dishes, mainly composed from fresh seafood. Along “Anclote” avenue and its adjoined streets you may also find some boutiques, each one with a touch of originality where you may surely find a nice souvenir to take home.


4. Take as best as possible advantage of “el Anclote” beach

This is the beach that runs parallel to the tourist area of Punta de Mita, from which you can appreciate a lovely view of the Marietas’ Islands and beautiful sunsets. The variation on the deepness of its waters turns it into a place overly versatile to many activities. While some people surf others may wander on kayak or a paddleboard, others may practice fishing over the breakwaters or simply swim and enjoy the sand, sun and clear waters. All the hotels and restaurants are located in front of this beach. From this point there is also found a pier where boats to Marietas’ Islands tours or whale watching tours (during winter) are available.


5. Practice Surf

In the Punta de Mita area are found some surf spots available for surfers of any level, from beginners to professionals.
The following are the best known and most visited places to surf close to us:

– El Anclote (3 minutes walking, same beach in which our hotel is located): Here the waves are perfect for beginners and longboarders.

– El Faro (20 minutes walking, or take a boat (panga) and it will take 5 minutes to get there): It’s highly recommended to take a boat to get there since the track on foot is rocky and once arriving there is no beach space to rest outside the water.

– La Bahía (30 minutes walking, or you may get there in less than 10 minutes taking a boat).

– La Lancha (By boat 10 minutes or less and access is also available by car in approximately 10 minutes): A beautiful beach with clear waters and white sand, the surf is soft with various peaks to adapt to all ability levels.

– Burros (Less than 25 minutes by car): Just beside Palladium Hotel, ‘Punta Burros’ is an excellent right point / reef that is very fun.

– Los Veneros (Less than 25 minutes by car) Is the preferred place for shortboard surfers but you will also find a few longboarders.

In the area there are many companies that have boats available for drop offs at the surf points mentioned above and surf equipment rental per day or for larger periods. Also excellent surf instructors that will teach you all you need to know to ride fun waves.


6. Dive in the warm and clear waters of the Pacific

Waters of the coast in Punta de Mita are full of sea life, which ensures an extraordinary experience under water. The perfect opportunity to see turtles and dolphins, lobsters and devilfish, and a bunch of tropical fishes. The best places in the area to practice diving are:


The place is considered adequate for divers of any level and ideal for beginners since it depths are from 7.5 to 23 meters and have an average visibility of 12 meters that will impress you. You will be able to see tropical fishes, giant stingrays and many more marine species that will convince you that the Mexican pacific is a marvelous place for diving.


‘El Morro’ is another very famous place for diving, home to abundant sea life, from tropical fishes, lobsters, turtles and octopus, to dolphins, sailfish, morays and stingrays. It’s perfect for small groups of certified divers, it’s located on the norther point of Bahía de Banderas, almost 10 kilometers west from the Marietas’ Islands. This place offers different challenges like depths of proximately 45 meters, caves and 15 meters tunnels.


‘Los Anegados’ is located within the Marietas’ Islands and is full of caves and interesting rock formations, the sea life in this area includes stingrays, eels, tuna and giant stingrays. This place is ideal for qualified divers and experts in open sea, generally you may find sharks since they have been seen in the area. It counts with depths from 9 to 25 meters and from 9 to 28 meters of visibility.


7. Practice sport fishing

Some of the best places for fishing on high seas are located in Punta de Mita. Inside and outside of the bay in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, sport fishing lovers may find a great diversity of fishes like the amber fish, sailfish, goldfish, marlin, wahoo, tuna, etc. Boats and expert captains are available to guide both experimented fishers and novices to the best places in the area.

Marietas’ Island (Punta Mita): It’s a good place to get Yellow fin Tuna, Goldfish, Roosterfish and Sailfish.
– “El Morro” and “El Faro”: Excellent opportunity to get Sailfish, Goldfish, Roosterfish, Yellow fin Tuna and Striped Marlin.
– “La Corbeteña”: Here the reward tends to be big, you may get Goldfish, Sailfish, Striped Marlin, big Yellow fin Tuna, Wahoo, back and blue Marlin.
– “El Banco”: This point is excellent for big fishing, you may get Tuna, Salifish, Marlin, Goldfish, Roosterfish and Wahoo.


8. Walks to ‘El Cerro del Mono’

For the nature lovers and trekking, the ‘el cerro del mono’ hike is a must. From the top of the ‘Cerro del Mono’ you will be able to appreciate the extraordinary views of the mountains and beaches in the surroundings of Punta de Mita. We recommend hiring a local guide that is familiar with the treks so you enjoy to maximum the journey and get to the top on an average time. The “El Cerro del Mono” hike approximate duration is 2 to 3 hours; it depend on the walk pace and time spent on top of the mountain.

Please find below a list of recommendations for you to enjoy “El Cerro del Mono” hike:

– A lot of water to keep hydrated
– Insect repellent
– Comfortable/sports clothes
– Tennis
– Sunscreen


9. Zip lines, atvs or rzr tours and horse rides

In Punta de Mita besides the beaches and water sports you may enjoy also enjoy adventure activities such as going up to the zip lines, strolling on horse and making rounds on quads or rzr.

*For zip lines or canopy there is no need for previous experience, it is a safe, fun and Eco touristic practice where you will enjoy of amazing views of the tropical jungle and the Ocean. Along the way, with luck, you will also be able to see some boars, deer and beautiful birds among the vegetation.

* The horse rides will take you to extraordinary natural landscapes along the paths of the tropical jungle, the creeks and the local beaches.

*The ATV or RZR tours are planned for speed and adventure lovers. The tours take some hours traveling by dirt roads and mountain paths where you will also cross rivers and creeks.


10. Play Golf

For the golf players we recommend to consider visiting one of the 3 golf courses around the area:

– Litibus’ Golf Course
– Golf Course ‘Bahía’
– Golf Course ‘Pacífico’ (Internationally known for it its’ famous hole “Tale of the whale”)


11. Visit the nearby towns

Punta de Mita is close to other small towns that can be explored in only one day and are worth getting to know, you will be surprised how each one has its’ own personality and unique attractions:



La Cruz de Huanacaxtle 

San Francisco (San Pancho) 

Nuevo Nayarit

Lo de Marcos 


12. Pamper yourself with a massage

To complement a vacation day, we recommend getting a massage; there is a great variety of treatments and personalized services that you can find to relieve any tension and achieving a mental state of relaxation.


13. Get to know semi-virgin beaches

There are beautiful beaches in the Punta de Mita area distinguished by their clear waters where nature predominates. These beaches are almost free of constructions and lack services, for which we recommend to any visitors to go prepared with everything needed to spend an enjoyable day on the beach, specially a good beach umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

*DESTILADERAS BEACH: The water on this beach is very calm and has no depth, perfect for adults and children to go swimming.  Access is very simple since it’s located along the highway (Highway 200 km7) and you may arrive in your own car, by taxi or in a local bus.


The beautiful turquoise color of its waters and soft white sand are the main attraction of the place. This beach is very popular among the surf lovers since its waves are perfect for surfers from beginners to advanced to enjoy a fun session. Located on highway 200, kilometer 15. In order to get to this beach it will be necessary to walk through a dirt path beside an estuary surrounded by beautiful vegetation, the walk will take from 5 to 10 minutes.

We recommend to apply insect repellent to protect yourself from the mosquitoes that you may find along the path to the beach.

*CAREYEROS BEACH: It’s a long and spacey beach perfect for swimming, its calm waves make it pretty safe. To get there you just have to take the highway 200 toward Punta de Mita and just before arriving you must turn right at the crossways to Higuera Blanca-Sayulita. Drive for about 1 kilometer (3 minutes) and access through the dirt path to the left, follow until the end of the path and find the public access.

*LITIBU BEACH: This pretty beach of golden sand is a bit hidden and less concurred than the beaches mentioned before, however, it is an excellent choice to go with the family since its waves are calm, the beach is large and the access is very comfortable for those that drive a car. To get to the beach, you must take the Higera Blanca main access, follow the road until the end and turn left, you will find a dirt path that will take you to the public beach access.

It is very important for us to remind you that after enjoying your visit to any beach, to take with you all your trash in order to keep the beaches clean and so we all can keep on enjoying of its incomparable beauty.


14. Taste the local gastromomy

One of the main attractions of Punta de Mita is also its gastronomy, in the area are found a variety of restaurants from the most sophisticated and recognized, to the most casual and traditional. As a fishing town, sea dishes are exquisite and in many cases, the views complement the culinary experience. The most popular dishes that we recommend are:

PESCADO ZARANDEADO: It’s one of the most representative dishes, it’s cooked on the roaster over mangrove firewood, seasoned with garlic salt, pepper and it’s smeared with a with a mix of sauces that give it an exquisite and characteristic taste. Once ready, it’s served with handmade tortillas, set over a palm leave with garlic, lemon juice, salt and chilies, decorated with onion, tomato and cucumber slices.


A delicious snack prepared with uncooked shrimp mixed with lemon juice and a hot sauce prepared with chopped green chile, onion and coriander. It is served accompanied by slices of purple onion and cucumber.

CAMARONES A LA CUCARACHA: Prepared with a classic sauce that has a spicy soft touch, it is served with the shell and it’s recommended not to peel them so you may enjoy of all its flavor, they may also be accompanied with the traditional huichol sauce from Nayarit.    

SOPA DE MARISCOS: A broth prepared with tomatoes grounded with garlic, onion, pepper and salt to which they add shrimp, fish, crab and octopus.

CEVICHES: It is prepared with raw shrimp or raw fish sliced in small chunks and marinated on lemon juice and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is served cold, generally mixed with onion, tomato, cucumber, carrots and coriander.


It can be consumed both fresh and stewed, however, the most popular way to consume it around the area is fresh from the water adding lemon, salt and huichol sauce.